I acquired Philo from a Boston Terrier breeder in Northern California on December 17, 2020.  He was just a few weeks old.  It was love at first sight.

He likes sleeping in front of the fireplace.  At night, he sleeps with me under the covers 

I have this picture as the startup screen on my iPhone

Suspicious ...

Philo's next door neighbor

2020 Philo playing with Bug.MOV


2021 Philo eating rawhide.MOV


2021 Philo fighting big dog.MOV

Likes to attack big dogs

2021 Philo playing in red sweater.MOV


2020 Philo dreaming.MOV


2020 Philo licking Dana.MOV

Getting to know Rachael and Dana

2020 Philo running with Rachael.MOV


2021 Philo playing with toys.MOV

More crazy

2020 Philo playing with kong.MOV

Likes toys

2023 Philo at Gold Lake.MOV

Surfing at Gold Lake

2023 Philo Birthday 2.MOV
2023 Philo's Third Birthday 1.MOV

Philo's Third Birthday Party.  Ge got a blue sweater and a birthday cake.

2024 Philo greets R and

Jan 2024 Philo greets Rachael and Jeremy - he gets so excited he has to stop and catch his breath.