Droid is a Diabetic Alert Dog, also referred to as DAD.  He was trained to smell the compounds that are released from someone's body when blood sugar is high or low.  He joined the Edwards family in June of 2016, to help monitor Chase's diabetes.  But what he mainly did was simply bring a whole lot of love.  

2016-06-19 Droid Arrives 009.MOV

Droid arrives

2016-06-19 Droid Tussles with other dogs.MOV

Droid tussles with other dogs

2016-06-19 The Edwards boys take Droid for a walk.MOV

The Edwards boys take him for a walk

2016-06-26 Droid's First Swim 002.MOV

Droid's first swim

2017-01-05 Bill and Droid.MOV

Droid goes crazy running around Bill Parent