Cheline Edwards

Bruce met Cheline on Colombia, where he was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tunja.  I was all set to go to their wedding when I got a frantic phone call from Bruce, telling me not to come, that a complication had arisen with him not being a Catholic.  So I canceled my flight.  Then complication was cleared up, and and I missed out attending the wedding.

Bruce and Cheline live most of the time in their home in Florida, with frequent visits with their daughter Lisa and her family in Milwaukee, and their home in Carmel, California.  And they often spend Christmas with her extended family in Colombia. 

Cheline at school.  She is in the center, the only one not wearing the school skirt 

Cheline, Bruce, and Cheline's mother

With her sister

With her daughter Lisa at her graduation

Che and Lisa

Che, Lisa, and one of Lisa's two daughters (Emily?  Maria?)

John with Cheline and Inger

Me with Bruce and Cheline