Dana acquired Bug from a breeder (?) in San Francisco, and soon became a great friend and companion, especially to Philo, who loved chewing on her ears.  She only had one run-in with the law: I once left her alone in my yard, and she complained so vocally that the neighbors called the police.

2017-01-24 Bug acquired.MOV

Jan 24, 2017: Dana and I drove to Brisbane and picked up Bug

2017-01-24 Carrying Bug to the car.MOV

Carrying Bug to the car

It was love at first sight

Dana had to give away Bug when he moved to Brooklyn.  Fortunately Bug has been thriving in her new home.  Here are some photos he sent me in December of 2023:

2017-03-10 Bug in snow.mov

March 2017: Bug in snow for the first time

2021-01-08 Tussling with Philo.MOV

Bug and Philo tusseling