Ruth Reynolds


Born Jul 1890, Pennsylvania

Jeep was my mother's mother.  She married my namesake, Samuel Dyer, on 29 Jun 1914, in Luzerne, Pennsylvania.  My mother was born to Jeep and Sam on Jan 28, 2013. Three years later Sam Dyer died of tuberculosis, on 24 Sep 1917 (aged 27) at Saranac Lake, Essex County, New York.  Five years after she was widowed she married Shelby Harbison, on 16 Nov 1922, and moved to his family's home in Lexington Kentucky.  They had one child, Shelby.

Jeep was a beautiful, stylish woman, and a wonderful grandmother to me and my brothers.  She used to visit us in California frequently, always by train, and always during the crab season (she really loved crabs).  When my father divorced my mother Jeep came to stay with us, and was a great help during this trying period.  I had the opportunity to stay with her for a few summers in her home in Springfield Illinois, where I got to know her son Shelby.  He was a broadcaster on station WTAX, a radio station owned by his father.  He even interviewed me once on the air.  

When her husband Shelby died she married an old flame, Ox Fell, from Ardmore,  Oklahoma.  He had apparently been in love with Jeep his whole life, until finally his wait was up.  

Jeep with Nancy

Jeep and Shelby Harbison

With Ox Fell, her third husband

Jeep was a beautiful, elegant lady.

Jeep, mom, and grandsons