Jeff Buckingham

Born December 28, 1942

Recorded March 7, 2024 at Jeff's clubhouse in San Jose, California

Jeff Buckingham.MP4

Before this recording session, I had not seen Jeff for more than 60 years.  My brothers and I would play in their pool in Lindenwood, a very nice development close to Menlo Atherton high school, where Jeff and I once took a summer course in typing.  Both our families were members of the Menlo Country Club, in Woodside, where Jeff, his brother Greg and I were members of the swimming team.  Greg later went  on to set world records in the 200 and 400 meter individual medley.  Greg's younger brother. Lindsey became the lead guitarist of Fleetwood Mac, and was one of Rolling Stone's 2011 list of  "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time".  

Jeff, Leonard and I used to body surf at a beach south of Santa Cruz.  We  would surf for as long as we could stand the cold water (wet suits were not commonly in use thosde days), then retreat to the beach to warm ourselves by lying in the sand and tossing a frisbee around.  I remember those outings as among the best days of my youth.

I did manage to see Lindsey Buckingham at a concert he gave in Santa Barbara when we lived there some years ago.  After the concert my kids and I were invited backstage to visit with Lindsey.  Rachael and Dana, duly impressed, asked me when we left, "Do you know any more famous people?"

The only other photo I have of Jeff - he's in the back row, third from the right, next to me.  Brother Len is also in the back.