Don Sagatun-Edwards

Born October 21, 1979, Mountain View, California

Died July 29, 1996, Palo Alto, California

Don Sagatun-Edwards had many names.  When he was first born he was christened Gard Edwards, but I called him Bitty Don.  Later he proclaimed he was no longer Gard -  that Gard had gone to Mars.  And so he was renamed Don Edwards; and finally Don Sagatun Edwards.  But even though he was a strapping 17 years old when I saw him last, he will always remain "Bitty Don" to me.  

He accomplished so much in his short life.  Born with only one functional hand, he learned to touch type, tie his shoes, play the trumpet and guitar.  Truly an amazing individual.


Some words about Don from his father Erik

2023-12-05 Len on Bitty

Recorded December 5, 2023, at Len's home in Los Altos, California