Yann Cordelle

I met Yann and his wife Domitille when he came to work for Hewlett-Packard 1972, after studying at U.C. Berkeley.  We became close friends.  One of my early memories is Yann driving in his recently purchased Mustang convertible, a big smile on his face.  He was in heaven.

While Yann was in California, we saw some of the sights together: the coast, the mountains, skiing in Squaw Valley, hiking in Sequoia and Mineral King National Parks (we slept under the General Sherman tree on one outing - the largest tree in the world).  He was a great outdoorsman, always up for an adventure.  

When I transferred to Hewlett Packard in Grenoble in 1973, I hung out with Yann and Domitille - skiing, hiking, sailing with his father.  But I got the travel bug, and decided to go to Africa with my French girlfriend Nicole Cholvy and two HP Cupertino buddies and their wives, Scott Wallace and Ken Klingman.  Upon our return in 1980, I rented an apartment from Yann in Gif-Sur-Yvette, about 15 miles from the center of Paris, and took a job working for Yann in his software company, Cogelog.  I worked for Yann until my visa ran out, and returned to the States.  

Yann and I next crossed paths in 2000.  Caren, our kids and I were on our 5 1/2 year voyage in the South Pacific, and Yann and his girlfriend (he had broken up with his wife) joined us for three weeks of sailing in Fiji.  Since then I haven't seen him - but we remain in contact, and I have tentative plans to visit him in perhaps a year or two.

Ski randonnee in Grenoble, France.  In 1973, when I was working at Hewlett-Packard Grenoble, We would hike up the mountains near Grenoble, using "skins" under our skis for traction, then ski down and to to work.

The gang at HP Cupertino.  Yann is in the middle of the bottom row.  Gary Gapp, Ken Klingman, Scott Wallace, and Lee Bollinger are others (I don't remember the name of the guy in the lower left).

The HP Grenoble socer team.  I am on the top left, Yann two to the right.

Sailing with his father in the Med

With his children Erik and Guenaelle

Canoeing on the Ardeche River with Jacques Clay

Skiing with Yann and Domitille

Fishing in Fiji

Yann and Nicole

At the Ardeche River, we canoed past a nudist colony.  Ooh La La!