Ken Klingman

I met Ken around 1973, when we both worked at the Hewlett Packard computer division in Cupertino.  Several years later we, along with Scott Wallace, their wives Vickie and Bardie, and my girl friend Nicole Cholvy, flew to East Africa to view the wildlife of Kenya and Tanzania.  

Fifty years later I caught up with Ken, now living with a new wife in a beautiful home he had built in Nevada City.  I recorded the video below at that visit.

2024-03-25 Ken Klingman.MP4

Video created March 25, 2024, at Ken's house in Nevada City, California

Ler Bollinger, Gary Gapp, Me, Ken Klingman, (name forgotten), Yann Cordelle, Scott Wallace.  HP Cupertino

Ken Klingman, Scott Wallace, and me.  Hewlett-Packard Cupertino, 1969-1973

Kenyan coast: Nicole Cholvy, Me, Scott and Bardie Wallace, Ken and Vickie Klingman

Name forgotten, Ken Klingman, Lee Bollinger, Name forgotten, Scott Wallace, Gary Gapp.  On a rage...