Jane Decourcy Wong

A fellow Group 12 Malaysia Peace Corps Volunteer, Jane DeCorcy, taught school near Penang while I was teaching in Kuala Lumpur.  In 1969, after completing our three year teaching stints, we, along with Sunil Kumar, one of my students, decided to head west, traveling overland from Malaysia to Europe, along the so-called "Hippy Trail".  Here, More than 50 years later, is Jane describing that journey.

2024-03-03 Jane DeCourcy Wong.MP4

Filmed March 4, 2024 at Jane's home in Berkeley, CA

Nepal,1969: Our Sherpa guide Pudorj, me, Jane DeCourcy, and my student Sunil Kumar Sen Gupta, on the trail between Kathmandu and Pokhara.  This is the only surviving picture I have of Pudorj or Sunil. And no, Jane did not hike in flip flops.